Where to stay in Galway

Where to stay in Galway Ireland

Are you going to Ireland but you don’t know where to sleep in Galway? We guide you to know in which neighborhoods to stay in Galway!

Ireland’s fourth largest city, Galway is a small city located on the west coast of Ireland and has many treasures and charms. The city had 72,729 inhabitants in 2006, but its population swells in summer when the good weather arrives. It is a very young, dynamic city, popular with students and famous for the number of festivals that are organized there.

With its dynamic local economic growth, Galway is considered a Celtic Tiger (by analogy to the rapid development of Asian tigers). Galway is also renowned for being a festive city, endowed with a warm population and a refined culinary culture. The center is as often, the best place to stay in Galway.



A former fishing district, this is the old town of Galway and it is one of the most interesting parts to visit. Until the 1950s Claddagh was a self-contained fishing community. Suffice it to say that the atmosphere will be popular. It is also in the district of Claddagh that the famous eponymous ring is made, composed of a heart surrounded by two hands surmounted by a crown, a jewel supposed to symbolize friendship and love. The district has the advantage of being residential – therefore very quiet -, central and by the sea. Treat yourself to a stroll along the shore from Claude Toft Park to South Park: for accommodation in Claddagh, there are few hotels but you can choose to rent a homestay, Airbnb being your new best friend!

Quay Street

Quay Street

Here is THE active district of Galway. Most of the accommodations – hotels, youth hostels, homestays – are concentrated there and this is where most of the Irish and tourists are found. In this very commercial and very touristy street not far from the Corrib quays, you will be spoiled for choice to find a bar and have a drink (or two): there are pubs and restaurants – taste the fruit sea, they are famous – everywhere!

In the evening, we let out festive notes from musical instruments: many concerts are organized in pubs, the opportunity to enjoy Irish music, its Celtic influences and to dance until dawn. If you are looking for a festive place, full of young people and not expensive, look no further, you have found the neighborhood to stay in Galway. On the downside, despite being a very touristy street, there are also a plethora of “tourist trap” souvenir shops! But that’s the game.

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