things to do in Turkey

Amazing Things To Do In Turkey

The official name of Turkey is Turkiye, which changed in 2022. It is a country located on the southeast border of Asia and Europe. Turkey is famous for many things such as its long-term history and it has been the center of Islam for almost 800 hundred years. The famous Ottoman Empire was established in this region and spread to the three continents of the world. Turkey has a rich historical and cultural background. The Ottoman Empire was broken in the 1920s and later this area is known as Turkey. Now Turkey is a secular country with almost 83 million people and its capital is Ankara. Turkey is a famous tourist destination and is known for its beauty. In this blog, we will discover what things to do in Turkey.

List of things to do in Turkey

It is mesmerizing and inspiring when you visit Turkey but it is important to discover the beautiful and interesting places. Let us disclose the eternal beauty of this enchanting country.

Pamukkale Pools

things to do in turkey

The Pamukkale thermal pools are unique phenomena of nature, formed with deposits of limestone which makes it a calcareous landscape. The deposits of calcium make shapes like Stalactites, Cataracts, and potholes. These deposits are like a spring and the top is turquoise because of the reflection of the sky. The sight of these pools is amazing and calming. The water in the pool is filled with therapeutic water and is considered a treatment for many disorders. It is located in Pamukkale Denizli, Turkey. The place has amazing healing powers which makes it worth visiting.

Goreme National Park

things to do in Turkey

There are many vivid and natural landscapes in Turkey. One of them is Goreme National Park located in the central Anatolia plateau, Cappadocia. The best way to explore the beauty of this place is by walking around the park. There is sedimentary rock formation caused by volcanic eruption gives a different look to the park. There are underground churches and city sights which the Cappadocia offers. You must visit this place to soothe and calm yourself.

Cemberlitas Hamami

things to do in Turkey

The Cemberlitas Hamami represents the culture of old Turkey. These are actually baths that were designed by Mimar Sinan in 1584. While visiting this place you will experience relaxation. The best time to visit this hemam is in the morning. It is located in Mollafenari Istanbul, Turkey. You must visit this place for stress relief during travel.

Ruins Of Ephesus

things to do in Turkey

This is one of those landmarks that represent the ancient history of  Turkey and is located in the NorthWest of Turkey. The area is the remains of the Greek city Epesus which was built in the 10th century BC. There is a library and temple of Artemis which is also included in the 7 wonders of the world. This city has witnessed the rise and fall of many empires and still stands. This site is worth visiting.

Kapali Carsisi

things to do in Turkey

The Kapali Carsisi is a bazaar located in the walled city of Istanbul. If you want to buy some stuff and want to enjoy shopping from the local market this is the best option for you. You will definitely find some Knick Knack for your house from this market. There is a variety of goods such as jewelry, artifacts, carpets, and many more. You can stroll through the bazaar and get stuff of your choice.

Archaeological Site of Troy

things to do in Turkey

The site of Troy is an important standing of the erstwhile political era and is located in Northwest Turkey. Apparently, the building looks like an amalgamation of debris and concrete but it carries a historical significance. This is built in the remembrance of the heroes, authors, and literary dignitaries.

Mount Nemrut

things to do in Turkey

Mount Nemrut is a monument made up of sand and represents the head of the Greek Ancient God Nemrut. It is located in the SouthEastern Turkey. The Nemrut Dag National Park is a heritage site and a must-visit place. Without visiting this place, your trip will be incomplete.

The Bosphorus Ferry Ride

things to do in Turkey

The Mediterranean Sea and black sea meet at Bosphorous and represent the most beautiful scenery of Turkey. The ferry ride in the sea is considered a refreshing and memorable experience. A ferry ride in one of the most important geographical locations of the world is worth it.  You can book the ride in advance.

Hagia Sophia

things to do in Turkey

The Hagia Sophia has a great historical background. Initially, it was a Christian patriarchal basilica but after the conquest of Istanbul, it was converted into a mosque. With the downfall of the Ottoman Empire, the mosque was later converted into a museum but now the old status of the mosque is restored. The mosque has a dome in the center and four big minarets. Thousands of visitors come to experience the beauty of this place and learn about its history.

Visit more beautiful mosques in the world.

Blue Mosque

things to do in Turkey

The blue mosque is also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque. The mosque is well known because of the blue color used in its embellishing. The mosque is a place for eternal tranquility and provides you with the history of Turkey. The blue mosque is facing the famous Hagia Sophia. The mosque has a courtyard, six minarets, and balconies. The inner courtyard has tiles paved in and has a dome. The mosque is highly recommended when you are visiting Turkey.

Conclusion of Things To Do In Turkey

Turkey is a country with a rich and diverse culture and history. Thousands of people visit this amazing country from all over the world. You can visit various places which include some ancient places with a lot of stories. There are some new places to visit and to discover modern Turkey. No matter what your preferences are, you will definitely find something interesting to do in Turkey. So, when are you planning to go?

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