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10 Most Beautiful Mosques In United States America

Every religion has its customs, moral values and way to worship. They all go to various places for worship and religious training. These places are most sacred to the followers of that religion. Like other religions, Muslims also pray in the Mosque, which is a Holy place. Approximately 3.45 million Muslims are in the USA, and there are 2800 mosques in different states. This includes main cities as well as town areas. We will discuss the 10 mosques in USA in detail regarding their location, size and construction design.

1. Islamic Center Of America (Dearborn, Michigan)

Islamic center of America (Dearborn, Michigan)

The Islamic Center of America is in Dearborn, Michigan, North America. It is the largest Shia Mosque and one of the 10 mosques in America. It is approximately 120000sq.ft. Imam Chirri was the person who was hoping to make a house for worship for the Muslim community. With the struggles years and support of the Muslim community, the Islamic Center of America was developed in 1963. Its main purpose was to flourish the Muslim community and provide a safe place to worship in the USA. This Mosque also operates a Muslim youth American academy (MAYA), an elementary school. It consists of meeting rooms, a kitchen, a prayer room, a library, and mezzanine for women, offices and educational programs run by an imam.

2. Islamic center of Washington

Islamic center of Washington

This Islamic center was officially developed in 1952 to help people with Islamic knowledge. It provides Quran and other Islamic literature, which may help people to understand Islamic teachings. It also helps the needy by extending Zakat. It consists of libraries, meeting rooms and a research center. It was built by Professor Mario Rassi (an Italian architect). It is on Massachusetts Avenue, just east of the bridge rock. Like other mosques, it provides people with a library, Zakat and Islamic literature. There is a single large dome at the center of the Mosque. Its chandelier is the most beautiful part of this Mosque which Egypt gifted during the construction of the Mosque.

3. Assalam center (Florida)

Assalam Center of Boca Raton is a mosque and educational institution for the Muslims of Florida and other states. It is free of any sector, which allows all Muslims to come regardless of their sector, ethnic background and nationalities. It is located at 1499 Northwest 4th Avenue, Boca RatonFL 33432, USA. It consists of a Worship hall, Social Hall, Commercial Kitchen, Classrooms, Preschool, & Administration Offices. It also provides services like allowing & Municipalities Approvals, project management, designing, Construction, and Post Occupancy Evaluations. It consists of a big golden dome with blue tiles around this.

4. East Plano Islamic Center (EPIC Masjid)

The east Plano Islamic center is a mosque situated in Plano, the city of Texas. It was constructed in 2005. It is made for social, religious and educational. It is built by the Sunni sector. People from different parts of the world give donations to this Mosque to spread Islam. It consists of a sea-green dome at the top of the Mosque with white walls from the outside. It has an area of 33000 sq. ft. It also serves as one of the largest faith-based community and volunteer centers in north Texas. Like other mosques, it consists of a library, commercial kitchen and meeting rooms.

5. Islamic Center of San Francisco (UCSF)

Islamic Center of San Francisco (UCSF)

Islamic center was constructed in 1959 as the 1st Mosque in the San Francisco Bay Area. It serves as a community and religious center for Muslims in that area. It provides facilities such as a washing area for ablution, washrooms, separate space for women, and wheelchairs for special persons. It is denominated as a Sunni mosque. It also provides Hindi, Urdu and English language services. Its exterior is adorned with white tiles and a golden metallic dome. The Interior consists of prayer mats and bookshelves made of wood. Its entrance is decorated with flowers and green plants, which provides a natural and beautiful look.

6. Mosque Maryam (Chicago)

Mosque Maryam (Chicago)

It is also known as the Muhammad mosque, built for Muslims in Chicago. It is near South Stony Island Avenue, immediately to the South Shore. It was a Greek orthodox church before Elijah Muhammad purchased it for $3M.After that, it was rebuilt into a mosque. Its chairs were replaced with prayer rugs. It consists of a kitchen, conference hall, rest room, washing area, separate place for women and library. It also provides Islamic books and Sermons to the people. It has a rectangular-shaped building with a dome at the top, built later. The dome has a moon and star at the top center.

Hopefully, you get all the required information about the most famous and biggest mosques in the United States of America.

7. Diyanet Center of America (Maryland )

Diyanet Center of America (Maryland )

The Diyanet Center of America’s purpose is to make society aware of religion with factual and new knowledge based on valid Islamic sources such as Quran and Hadith. It also provides religious and social services to Muslims in the USA. It serves the Muslim community in important areas like Nikkah service, funeral service, Quran memorization, conferences and seminars, food distribution among the needy, teaching and Zakat distribution. It has five buildings, including a parking area, well field, guest house, cultural building, hall, indoor pool and sports center.

8. Noor Islamic cultural center (Columbus, Ohio)

Noor Islamic cultural center ( Columbus, Ohio)

It is one of the 10 important mosques in USA. It promotes Islamic values among society members. We are a religious, educational, non-profit, non-political organization. It also serves as an organization that is non-political and non-profitable. The non-Muslim community is specially invited to seminars and conferences to be aware of the teachings of Islam.

9. Dar al Islam Mosque (Abiquiu New Mexico)

Dar al Islam provides programs and resources for people of all faiths to learn about Islam. It was founded in 1971 and is among the 10 biggest mosques in America. It covers an area of 1000 acres. The people are being educated under the supervision of experienced and qualified scholars. Egyptian mosques inspire architecture. It consists of the madrassa, where Quran memorization is done.

10. Al Farooq masjid (Atlanta , Georgia)

Al Farooq masjid (Atlanta , Georgia)

It is one of the 10 mosques in USA which serves to spread Islam and make people aware of Islam. It is one of the largest mosques in the southeast United States. Almost 5000 people can offer prayer at a time. The Mosque features two copper domes. It also has balconies and minarets. There is a separate place for women to offer prayer. Like other mosques, it also consists of restrooms, a washing area, hall and meeting rooms.

Hopefully, you get all the information about the 10 mosques in America that are important in spreading Islam and providing a place to learn and worship. These were mosques honored by Muslims and non-Muslims and most came to these mosques to offer religious activities.

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