10 Cities In The World With The Best Public Transport

10 Cities In The World With The Best Public Transport

The face and development of the world’s major cities are reflected in public transport services. Public transportation in cities like Berlin, Hong Kong, London, and Paris is considered the most advanced, sophisticated, and accessible, and even if you live and work in these cities with well-developed public transportation, you will have no problem getting anywhere in the city. Here are the top 10 cities in the world for public transport services.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong Public tranport

90% of Hong Kong’s population uses public transport, and as the population has grown, so has the road transport service. Citizens of the country use double-decker buses and subways, which are clean, safe, and fast. “Octopus” electronic payment card used by Hong Kong citizens has become a very useful solution for passengers to manage their payments.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo public transport

Tokyo is the birthplace of the railway. About 8.6 million people travel by rail-based transportation every day. In particular, Tokyo’s subway system is widely known for being environmentally friendly and fast. 

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3. Singapore

Singapore public transport

Until 1987, when the rail system was introduced as a high-speed public transport system, buses were widely used as public transport services in the country. By 2016, 3.9 million people traveled by bus and 3.1 million people traveled by rail, so the ratio of the users of the two vehicles reached the same level. The country’s public transport railway is 198.6 km long and has 119 stops.

4. New York

The railroad is the main form of transportation for New York City residents. The New York City subway is considered the largest subway system in the world, with 472 stops. The city’s subway has become known to the world thanks to its presence in many TV shows and movies.

5. Seoul

Seoul public transport

Seoul’s public transportation system is relatively advanced and sophisticated and is still a model for other Asian countries. More than 8 million people use the subway here every day. Taxis are usually used to transport people to airports and railway stations.

6. Paris

The Paris Metro is 214 km long, mostly underground, and has 303 stops. The metro is the second most frequented transport system in Europe after the Moscow metro. Buses, trams, and the RER are also plentiful and are widely used to transport passengers to Paris’ satellite cities.

7. Madrid

Madrid’s public transportation system is also highly developed and easy to navigate. Although the city has a relatively small population, the metro, which is the main means of public transportation, ranks 7th in the world in terms of road length. It also has a lot of escalators that you won’t find anywhere else.

8. London

The London Underground is the most popular public transport system in the world and has a total of 270 stops. In addition, London city transport is unimaginable without double-decker buses. 50,000 people travel by this bus on weekdays.

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9. Shanghai

Shanghai public transport

Shanghai has an impressive highway system consisting of 15 lines. Since 1993, the city’s subway technology has developed rapidly, with 9 million people a day and 12 million people on weekdays, which is several times the population of some small countries in the world.

10. Berlin

Berlin is the city with the most reliable, safe, and accessible public transport. With the underground U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains that serve the city center, you can get around the entire German city without a car. During peak working hours, trains arrive in just 5 minutes and carry 1.5 million passengers a day.

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