Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In The World

Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In The World

The Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In The World

The sand dunes are spectacular phenomena of nature. They have different land formations and are affected by the force of the wind. The sand dunes are found all over the world from West to East. Among all these deserts there are few which stand out to be the most beautiful sand dunes in the world. These sand dunes have breathtaking views with their dramatic shape and color. These sand dunes will definitely leave you to spell down once you see them. In this article, we will explore the most beautiful sand dunes in the world.

List of the most beautiful sand dunes in the world

Here, we will discuss the most beautiful sand dunes in the world. Each of these dunes has unique features.

Huacachina, Peru

most beautiful sand dunes in the world

Huacachina is a  small town in the south of Lima, Peru. There is a small oasis and it is believed that this was formed when a princess was arrested because of bathing in the water. In the early twentieth century, wealthy locals used to come to these sand dunes due to their healing properties. There are several hotels and restaurants near this sand dune. This sand dune is also known for its wineries and visitors can tour these to learn how Pisco is formed. You can experience the natural beauty and cultural and adventurous things.

Badain Jaran dunes , China

most beautiful sand dunes in the world

The Badain Jaran dunes are also known as “singing dunes” because these dunes moan. It is believed that this phenomenon is due to seismic waves which strike dunes and create different sounds. These 20000 square miles of sand dunes stretch between China and Mongolia. Some of the dunes are the tallest in the world peaking at 1600 feet.

The white sand national monument, Mexico

Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In The World

The white sand national monument is located in southern Mexico. The area of the monument is 224 square miles and almost 15 miles away from the city of Alamogordo. The white sands are made of white gypsum crystals. The tourist can enjoy hiking and the unique landscape. You can also enjoy camping and wildlife viewing. This is the most unique and amazing sand dune which you should definitely visit.

Simpson Desert, Australia

Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In The World

The  Simpson Desert is located in the central part of Australia and is named after Scottish explorer Sir Thomas Simpson. This desert has some dunes reaching a height of 30 meters. There is a variety of plant and animal species such as red Kangaroo, reptiles, and Dingo. You can explore this desert by hiking, camel treks, and jeep driving. The Simpson Desert is also a crucial cultural site for aboriginal Australians

Little Sahara recreational area, Utah

Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In The World

The Little Sahara recreational area is located in the  Western part of Utah. The visitors can enjoy the riding sand dunes which make it unique from others. The recreational area is widespread about 60,000 acres. Some of the dunes in this area have almost 700 feet in height. Visitors can enjoy sandboarding, a four-wheel ride,  and sand sledding. There are also picnic areas and campgrounds. It is a must visiting destination for those who want to enjoy outdoor adventure.

The great dune, Pyla

The great dune of Pyla is also known as “the dune of pilate”  which is located on the Atlantic coast of France. It has a height of 110 meters above sea level which makes it the tallest sand dune in Europe. It was formed due to the erosion of water and air thousand of years ago. The visitors can climb the dune and enjoy the view of the Atlantic ocean. The dune is at risk due to damage and is declared as fragile. But you can visit the dune and enjoy your trip.

Death Valley, California

Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In The World

Death Valley is the desert located in eastern California and the park was established in 1933. It is considered the driest and hottest valley in America. The valley is 140 miles long. The valley is known for its extreme temperature which can exceed 130 degrees F in summer to below-freezing points in winter. The valley is home to many unique species of plants and animals. You can enjoy camping, hiking, and scenic driving here in this valley.

Conclusion Of Most Beautiful Sand Dunes In the World

It is difficult to determine the most beautiful sand dunes in the world but we discussed some of them. You can visit this place and subjectively decide which one is more alluring according to you.


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