most dangerous islands In World

4 Most Dangerous Islands In World

Most people want to experience the beauty of nature by vacationing on an island at least once a year if possible. That’s why they look for the most beautiful island, but sometimes this type of island is dangerous not only for health but also for life. If you decide to relax and unwind on the beach, never visit the islands below.

1. Radioactive island

Radioactive island

The island in the western Pacific Ocean looks beautiful, but it will likely be the last trip for tourists. Because more than 50 nuclear weapons tests were conducted on the island, the permissible amount of radioactive particles was increased 6 times. Therefore, not to mention resting in this place, for only a few minutes will affect your health, and just touching the sand or breathing sand particles will cause serious changes in the internal organs.

2. Skeleton Island

This island is located in the southern part of Africa and is known for its shipwrecks that sink into the sand. If you come to the island, do not stay for a long time. Because the wild predators in the vicinity will not give tourists a chance to survive. In addition, there is no drinking water because the place where people live is far from the coast.

3. Seasickness

Although the island is a natural beauty, it is home to deadly sea urchins. A sea anemone floating in the water cannot be seen immediately, and although a sting does not cause immediate harm, it can be fatal after some time.

4. Sentinel Aral

Although it looks beautiful from a distance, locals are unlikely to bring tourists to this island. If you have the courage to bring it, you can only consider leaving the island quickly for an additional fee. Because the natives live on the island and don’t like foreigners very much. Therefore, they shoot at people who enter their territory without permission from anywhere. Even the Indian government has decided to leave these people alone because it is almost impossible to catch up with the local natives.

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