12 places in the world that look like fairy tales

12 Places In The World That Look Like Fairy Tales

Humans liken things that are unusually peaceful, or even awe-inspiring, to the world of fairy tales. There are many beautiful places in the world that look like fairy tales. These are amazing creations of nature and human hands. People who see these will definitely feel like they have entered a fairy tale world.

1. Casa Batllo, Barcelona, ​​Spain (Casa Batllo)

Casa Batllo

Restored by the great architect Antoni Gaudi in the early 1900s, this building is one of the most extraordinary places on the planet. Casa Batllo has the same impression as the house of the dwarfs in the story of Snow White.

In the architecture of the house, everything was done to the smallest detail. In 1962, Casa Batllo was declared an artistic heritage, in 1969 as a national heritage, and in 2005 it was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

2. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

Anyone looking at a picture of Dark Street near the village of Armagh in Northern Ireland will be amazed. Indeed, such places only appear in fairy tales or cartoons.

The hornbeam trees along the road were planted over 300 years ago by the Stewart family who lived near the site. Over time, the branches grew larger and some of them stuck together to form arched tunnels. At sunrise and sunset, the light filters through the plants and leaves to create an absolutely beautiful scene.

3. Peles Castle, Romania (Peles Castle)

Peles Castle, Romania (Peles Castle)

Peles Castle, located in the Carpathian Mountains near Sinai, Romania, was built between 1873 and 1914 by the order of Carol the First, and its architectural style cannot be precisely named. Between centuries of construction, the castle passed through several owners. Therefore, each of the owners made changes to the building. But the most interesting thing is that Peles was owned by several kings and eventually became a museum.

4. Baobab Grove, Madagascar

A grove of baobab trees in the Menabe region of western Madagascar is about 800 years old, and one tree can reach 300 meters in height. Therefore, the person next to him looks small like an insect. There used to be a lot of trees here, but local people have uprooted them for daily use or for trade.

5. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are located between Scotland and Iceland and are part of the Kingdom of Denmark. This place was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions in the early Cenozoic era. Just by looking at the pictures, you can see what an amazing landscape it is. But the most important thing is that most of the area is almost deserted, so anyone who goes here will definitely feel real freedom.

6. Pena Gordon, Portugal (Pena Palac)

Pena Gordon, Portugal (Pena Palac)

Pena Palace is located on a high cliff surrounded by forest and is an example of romantic architecture from the 19th century. The palace was built in 1840 at the expense of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, husband of Queen Maria II of Portugal. Now the building is a UNESCO heritage site and is used for state ceremonies.

7. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Translated from Vietnamese, Halong means “place where the dragon landed”. This beautiful area is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and includes about 3,000 islands, cliffs, and caves located in the Quang Ninh region near the South China Sea.

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8. Lakhan Datsun Monastery, Bhutan

Lakhan Datsun Monastery, Bhutan

Lying on the cliffs of the Paro Valley in the Kingdom of Bhutan, bordering India, the Buddhist monastery’s name Lakhan Datsun translates to “Tiger’s Den”. Meditation has been practiced in the caves of this place since ancient times, and the monastery was founded in 1692. To visit this place, you need to get permission from the Ministry of Culture of Bhutan.

9. Zhangye Danxia, ​​China

Rainbow Mountains

What you see in the picture is not photoshop, but the real view ofZhangye Danxia Valley Geological Park, Gansu Province, China. Scientists have determined that this place was formed 100 million years ago. According to the Danxia phenomenon, rocks in the deep ocean were colored this way by the influence of salt water in ancient times, and as a result of earthquakes, the rocks at the bottom of the sea were exposed. There is no such bright-colored rock anywhere, so it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

10. Zakynthos Blue Cave, Greece

Zakynthos Blue Cave, Greece

This cave is located on the north coast of the Greek island of Zakynthos. Here you can find beaches with the clearest waters in the world. The cave was first discovered in 1897 and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations. To get to Zakynthos you need to travel by boat.

11. Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan

The remains of the ruined city of Petra are the ancient capital of the Nabataean kingdom, which existed more than 2,000 years ago. This building, which remains on the rock, has not changed at all since ancient times. In 2007, this beautiful structure was chosen as one of the new seven wonders of the world. Incidentally, in 1989, Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed here.

12. Island in Jasper National Park, Canada

Island in Jasper National Park, Canada

Canada’s Jasper National Park is home to many resorts with ski resorts and golf courses. But there are almost abandoned places here. For example, near Malin Lake, there is a small island called Spirit with pine trees. After an American photographer posted a picture of this beautiful natural landscape on social networks, thousands of tourists visited this place.

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