Thing To Do In Bangkok

Thing To Do In Bangkok – Capital of Thailand

Thing To Do In Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, famous for its street life and shrines. This city is almost 240 years old. There are many things to do in Bangkok, including visiting Buddhist temples, streets, and cultural sites. The nightlife of Bangkok is also very attractive. People love to visit this place, as they can find multiple recreational activities. In this article, we will talk about what things you can do in Bangkok.

List of things to do in Bangkok

Let’s disclose what you can do while traveling to Bangkok. We will discuss various places to visit and stay.

1. The grand palace

Things to do in Bangkok

After the fall of Ayutthaya and Thounbri kingdom in 1782, Bangkok became the capital of Thailand including hundreds of royal buildings and palaces. It is one of the most attractive and visited tourist spots and is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. The kings lived there in past but now it is used for official ceremonies and tourist visiting area. If you are planning to visit this place then do not miss the famous temple of Buddha one of the royal Chapel. You can also visit Chaksi Maha Prasta palace. This palace is open to everyone every day. But before the entrance, you have to pay 500 bahts.

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2. Wat pho

Things to do in Bangkok

Wat pho is the most famous temple in Bangkok. It is a huge statue of Buddha. This reclining Buddha statue has images of Buddha around it. The temple is considered the first educational institution in Thailand to provide social, religious, and scientific knowledge. It consists of four chapels with 394 Buddha images which makes it a cultural site to visit. There is also a massage school here, where traditional Thai massage is given.  It is not just a tourist site but the Buddhists also practice their religion there.

3. Wat Arun

Things to do in Bangkok

Wat Arun is one of the most beautiful and famous temples in Thailand. In the background, wat pho and the grand palace is providing fascinating scenery. The central tower of this temple is about 80 meters long. The prang is decorated with mosaic stones which represent the life of Buddha from his birth to death. The name of the temple is taken from the Hindi god of dawn Aruna. At night thousands of lights shine on this temple and make it resemble gold.

4. Enjoying from sky bars

Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. There are different sky bars that you can visit and enjoy sky diving, free falling, etc. Sirocco sky bar is one of the most famous located at Lebua at State tower. There is also another top view such as Marriot. You can enjoy your meal from the rooftop.  CRU sky bar is one of the fanciest and highest sky bars in Bangkok.


5. Boat tour on the river

Things to do in Bangkok

One of the most exciting and peaceful things you can do in Bangkok is a boat tour. The Chao Phraya River is most visited by tourists. There are long-tail boats, fairies, and a yacht available for visitors. You may find the prices high but you can show your bargaining skills here.

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6. Lumphini Park

Things to do in Bangkok

Lumphini Park is known as the green oasis of Bangkok. You can enjoy a walk paddle boat on the lake or just enjoy the environment.  In the evening thousands of people do work out here. You can enjoy a public workout to boost yourself. There is a bird and animal park inside it. You can visit this place if you love animals. There are playgrounds in this park as well. You can play volleyball, football, or cricket. You will feel relaxed after an amazing tour of this park.

7. Rambuttri and Khao San Road

Things to do in Bangkok

Khao san road is one of the most affordable places in Bangkok where you can find out stalls, accommodations, and shopping areas. You can find some unique food here such as scorpions and lizards. The Rambuttri road also has restaurants, a shopping area, and bars. In other words, you can enjoy all the things for which Bangkok is famous.

8. Wat Saket

Things to do in Bangkok

The Wat Saket is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok famous for its architecture. It is located in a mountains and to enjoy the view you have to cross the 318 steps. The path is decorated with other small temples and a waterfall. The temple opens for the visitor from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and you have to pay 20 bahts to visit this place. It is located 2 km away from south of the Khao San Road.

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9. Talin Chan Floating Market

The floating market is also an attractive place to visit. Boats are floating in a market from where you can buy things to eat. After buying you have to sit on the chairs on the sides to enjoy your meal. Most of the visitors here are locals. The opening time for the market is usually 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. You can easily find a taxi to reach this market.

10. Sukhumvit Road

Things to do in Bangkok

The Sukhumvit Road is the longest street in Bangkok. The street has food stalls and shopping centers. There are various bars and clubs in this area which people can visit. Most people came here to play games where a variety of gaming areas are available. This road is linked with Cambodia which is also a reason for its fame. Go and discover more about this street.


In this article, we talked about what things to do in Bangkok, the beautiful capital of Thailand. Most people love to visit this city for its lush and limitless life. There are natural and historical sites to visit. you can do ample activities such as skydiving, boating, and public workout. The best places which can be visited during your visit to Bangkok are provided with their description. You may find innovation and thrill while visiting this amazing city.

Hope you get what you were searching for.

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