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Things To Do In Engadin

The Engadin is an alpine valley in the eastern Swiss alp. The population of the valley is about 25000. The Engadin is considered a heaven for sports, inspiration, and adventure. The valley has amazing natural and cultural sites. There is a variety of places where you can find your favorite one. The Engadin is a pack for tourists where you can enjoy multiple activities. In this article, we will discuss what things to do in Switzerland while visiting.

List Of Things To Do In Engadin Switzerland

There are many things which you can do during your visit to this amazing place. Let’s have a look at these.


things to do in Engadin Switzerland

The Engadin is a perfect place for skiing. There are more than 88 slopes of 350 Km. The major ski areas include Corvatsch, Corviglia, and Lagalb. The beauty of these skiing areas has already captived many people. The Corvatch was opened in 1963 and is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Engadin. You should take the cable car to reach the top of the mountain and then do skiing from that point.

Swiss national park

things to do in Engadin Switzerland

The Swiss national park is located in Eastern Switzerland at Engadin Valley. The park is a UNESCO world reserve. The park is extended to an area of 170.3 Km. The park was established in 1914. It is considered one of the earliest parks in Europe. It is the only park in Switzerland. There are bird parks, animal parks, hiking trails, and natural site seeing. You can enjoy the beauty of nature and also do adventurous activities.

Segantini museum

It is a domed museum with works of Giovanni Segantini an Alpine painter known for his work on symbols. There are various art pieces shown in this museum. A special annual exhibition takes place to display the work.

Engadiner Museum

This museum was established in 1906 to explore the alpine culture. This museum was constructed by the famous architect Nicholas Hartmann. The museum contains furniture and interiors from five century. Cultural things are also displayed in the museum. These include textiles, everyday use stuff, jewelry, crafted material, and many more. You can visit this place to learn about its history.

Lake Saint Moritz

things to do in Switzerland

Lake Saint Moritz is a lake in the upper Engadin Valley. The surface area of the lake is 0.78 Km square. It is about 44 meters deep. It is smaller than other lakes in the Engadin Valley. There is a polo match held every year at this lake. It is considered the center of alpine tourism.

Summary Of Things To Do In Engadin Switzerland

Switzerland is considered the paradise of this world. Most of the visitors travel to see its scenic beauty.  In this article, we discussed what things you can do while traveling to Engadin Switzerland. There are many activities which you can do and enjoy your trip.

You can also visit more places in Switzerland.

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