20 Things To Do In Goa

20 Things To Do In Goa

Goa is known for the amazing views of the sea beach as well as adventure activities and water sports activities like Banana Ride, Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Casino, Night Cruise Party, Sunset Point, Resort, Coconut Trees, Waterfall, Popular place among tourists from all over the world for flyboarding and historical heritage. The weather of Goa is very pleasant, the waves of the sea beaches do not fail to fascinate you at all, and people of every class aboard the boat of joy will be seen having fun on the beach with friends, or partners.

1. Baga Beach

Baga Beach

The most famous of the tourist places in North Goa is Baga Beach, which is the most favorite place for tourists because there are hundreds of huts and fishing boats. This beach is known for water activities like banana rides, and parasailing. Waves make us face the beauty of nature.

Baga Beach is the ideal place to experience Goa’s nightlife as it is close to Goa’s most famous places like Britto’s, Tito’s, and Mambo’s.

In the evening, it is very pleasing to lie in the beach chairs and watch the colorful saffron rays of the setting sun.

2. Water Sports of Goa

Water sports in Goa can be enjoyed at any of the beaches on the north or south coasts.

You can enjoy water sports by visiting any beach in Goa, but the most popular of these are Baga, Benolim, Candolim Beach. Staying here, you can enjoy many water sports, including scuba diving, hot air balloon, Banana Boat, Motor Boat, Kite Surfing, Kayaking, Kneeboarding, Snorkelling, Parasailing and Paragliding, Jet Ski, Water Ski, Water Zorbing, and many more activities to choose from.

3. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach

Although the city of Goa is surrounded by sea beaches, there are many such sea beaches that thousands of tourists come to visit every day, but Palolem beach here is a suitable place to enjoy the rustle of sea waves.

The atmosphere here and the calm atmosphere make it very special. Another thing that is very famous here is the disco dance, in which all the tourists involved are given personal headphones to avoid the noise, but those who do not want to participate in this, then their An atmosphere of peace is created here

4. Anjuna Beach

Anjana Beach is the most perfect place for those who want to enjoy a honeymoon in a peaceful environment.

On this beach, the crowd is slightly less than on other beaches of Goa, due to which the atmosphere here is very calm, that is why most of the foreign tourists come here.

There are many restaurants built along the beach and all of them have reclining chairs by the sea.

It is famous for melodious music, and dance as well as for enjoying water sports in the ocean waves if you want you can enjoy water sports.

5. Cruise Tour of Goa

Cruise Tour of Goa

A cruise boat ride in Mandavi river is the ideal place to make the nightlife in Goa spectacular which offers entertainment like a casino, backwaters, dinner, sunset point, dance, clubhouse, and much more during the excursion.

Booking cruise getaways in Goa is quite easy as there are many that offer online options depending on your requirement and budget.

6. Grand Island

Grand Island

While scuba diving is the main attraction here, the Grand Island of the Arabian Sea has much more to offer.

If you don’t know anything about scuba diving then no need to worry there are many agencies that provide opportunities to even beginners to enjoy it for international standard safety reasons.

7. Dolphin Safari Sinquerim Beach

The coastline invites you to enjoy a romantic trip to Goa. One of the interesting water activities here is the Dolphin Safari. Where you can see these beautiful creatures playing in the water during the sea journey.

8. Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach, one of the longest beaches in Goa, is a suitable place for tourists who prefer to stay in a calm environment, however, for water sports lovers, there is an opportunity to enjoy wakeboarding, parasailing, and maintaining balance while galloping over the water. is required. That’s why it is a journey that fills tourists with enthusiasm.

9. Snorkeling at Bogmalo Beach

Each beach of Goa has its own unique feature; you will be able to go deep into the deep blue sea and see colorful fish moving around you.

Apart from this, you will get a chance to see many other animals going deep inside the water because you have never seen them before, so if you want, you can enjoy activities like snorkeling on the beach.

10. Butterfly Beach

An emerging major tourist destination of Goa known as Butterfly Beach, it is located just a short distance from Palolem Beach in North Goa.

The specialty of this place is the golden sand, palm trees and millions of species of butterflies to be seen as well as photography can be taken up by a lot of people.

11. Bungee Jumping in Goa

Bungee Jumping in Goa

Amongst all the water sports, bungee jumping in Goa is one of the thrilling adventure activities that you should definitely do during your trip to Goa, before enjoying this sport you must make sure that you are a brave and adventurous person and that you are not afraid of any kind of danger. No heart disease. Because in this game the legs are tied with the help of a balloon rope and then one has to jump from a height.

12. Calangute Beach

Every beach in Goa has its own identity like Calangute beach is famous for water sports.

If you want, you can enjoy a speed boat ride as well as swimming in the sea here, all kinds of marine activities are done here. There is a big market on its banks from where you can do your favorite shopping.

13. Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

The Dudhsagar Falls, formed in the middle Mandovi river in dense forests and valleys, is the fourth-highest waterfall in India, with a height of 320 meters.

You will be able to see the lush green mountains as well as the gushing water with milk-colored streams and feel what nature has given us.

Monsoon is the best time to visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls because during this time water flows in sufficient quantity, due to which the view here looks very attractive. That’s why you should definitely add this place to your list of places to visit in Goa.

14. Bom Jesus Basilica

Goa may be known for its beautiful beach but in fact, the famous Bom Jesus Temple here is also very visible.

If you want to spend a peaceful moment and want to travel on a religious journey, then you can go to the oldest church in Goa city, here the relics of St. Francis Jesus have been preserved, which you can see during your trip to Goa. It is located in Old Goa.

15. Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort

This fort was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century, it is a very attractive tourist destination of Goa, there is a crowd of tourists in every season to see this beautiful ancient historical heritage.

Not only this, this place is very famous in Goa due to its beauty, due to which people come here to take pictures because very beautiful pictures can be clicked from here.

16. Saturday Night Market

Located in North Goa, this market is very attractive for buyers, here you will find more than one thing of European and Indian culture, especially the famous clothes here which are very much liked by the modern girls if you also want to visit Goa with couples. Going then you can go there to buy gifts for your loved ones as memories.

17. Margin Corner goa


Go on a trip to Goa and if you can’t taste the seafood there, then understand that you will miss a lot while visiting Goa.

If you are fond of non-veg, especially seafood lovers, then this place is absolutely perfect for you because the street food found here is very rare and delicious, its taste will not be forgotten for a lifetime.

18. Naval Aviation Museum

India’s only Naval Aviation is in Goa which is very famous in the entire continent of Asia. If you are a security personnel or love the army, then you must visit this Aviation Museum.

Here you will also find 7 different types of rockets, bombs, aircraft, parachutes, pilot’s outfits, and other things to explore.

19. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Goa is located at a distance of 33 km from the main city and 46 km from the capital Panaji. The country has a very beautiful wildlife sanctuary, although it is the smallest of all the main sanctuaries of Goa, the wild animals living within it, and the well-maintained green areas here. With the lush greenery of trees, Deer Safari Zoo is a perfect place to entertain visitors.

The animals found in this park are mainly bear, lion, cheetah, deer, giraffe, gaur, sambar, langur, elephant, and buffalo.

Tourists coming to Goa can go on a 1-day trip to enjoy visiting here with their friends, family members, and their life partner or girlfriend.

20. Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula is the place where Sagar and Mandvi’s rivers meet, here the shining sand and tall palm trees on the beach beautify it.

The major attraction here is the beautiful landscape of the Arabian Sea and Mormugao port as well as the white-colored sculpture called Picture of India depicting Mother India and young India.

Best Time to visit in Goa

The peak time to visit Goa is from October to February and it is a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays high-profile celebrities can also be seen celebrating during this time. You might just spot your favorite star.

FAQ- Frequently asked questions about Goa?

Q. When should one visit Goa?

If you want to cherish the best memories by going to Goa, then the best time to visit here is considered to be from October to February because during this time there is a crowd of tourists from all over the world.

Q. How are clothes worn in Goa?

Indian women often prefer to wear shorts and t-shirts on Goa beach while foreign women prefer bikinis and glasses and the same boys are seen wearing half t-shirts with capris.

Q. Nearest railway station to Goa

Thivim Junction, Madgaon and Vasco da Gama

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