things to do in Klosters switzerland

Things To Do In Klosters Switzerland

The Klosters is an Alpine village in the Graunbunden. Klosters is very famous for its natural beauty, recreational activities, and mountains. It has an area of 219.8 Km square with an elevation of 1205m. Klosters is very well known for its winter sports. The skiing mountains are well-sloped which due to which the place is popular. There are different tracks for all the levels. If you are a beginner, then you can also enjoy winter sports after taking precautionary measures. After winter sports, you may also enjoy other activities such as hiking, mountain biking. The majestic meadows of the area are worth seeing. In this blog, we will discuss what things to do in Klosters Switzerland.

List of things to do in Klosters Switzerland

The Klosters is one of those places which everyone should visit because of its charm and unparalleled sceneries. Let’s discover the things which you should do while visiting this amazing village.

Skiing and snowboarding

things to do in klosters switzerland

As discussed earlier, Klosters is known for its amazing trails for skiing. There are various trails for people with different skill levels. You can enjoy skiing with your family, even kids can also participate. The Skii is located in a developed area and connected to the nearby Davos resort. But before going skiing, make sure you are carrying your tools properly.

Winter hiking

things to do in Klosters switzerland

Winter hiking is an amazing chance to explore the natural beauty of winter. You can go hiking at this alluring place where all the beauty of nature exists. Remember to wear snowshoes and enjoy the breathtaking views of the trails.

Cross country skiing

things to do in Klosters switzerland

Cross-country skiing is one of the healthiest winter sports in Switzerland. The cross country skiing can be done on a 100 km classic and 70 km of skating trails in Klosters. People usually visit this place for cross-country skiing. You can show your special actions or skills here.


Tobogganing is a simple sleigh used by children. The tobogganing is also used for traveling on snow.  The bottom of the toboggan slides on the snow which helps to move from one place to another. Tourist love to have a ride on this.

Mountain biking

things to do in Klosters switzerland

Mountain biking is an adventurous game especially in summer as it is safe to do.  The biking season usually lasts from May to October. You can push your limits and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mountain biking in Toggenburg.


There is also a golf club in Klosters where you can play golf. You can visit Graubunden to celebrate caddies. The golf club is not too difficult with 9 holes and one golf course.

Hiking and nature walks

One of the most amazing experiences or memory which you can make during your visit to Klosters is having a walk in nature or go for hiking and discovering the natural beauty of this place.

Village exploration

things to do in Klosters switzerland

The village of Klosters is full of wonders and mesmerizing beauty. You can walk around the streets, buy traditional things, and taste the local food. There is much to do while exploring the village.

Conclusion Of Things To Do In Klosters

Like other cities in Switzerland Klosters offer fun activities and natural sightseeing areas. You can explore the beauty of this place while hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and skating. The Klosters is also famous for its golf club where you can enjoy with your family or friends. It is always adventurous to visit new places but this area is beyond one’s imagination.

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