things to do in Muscat

Things To Do In Muscat – Capital Of Oman

Muscat is the capital of Oman. It is located in the Gulf of Oman which is surrounded by mountains and deserts. There are many things to do in Muscat. Muscat is mostly famous for its seafood, as it is a port city.  The country is among the richest ones because of its oil reserves. The crime rate here is low, so tourists can easily visit this city. In this article, we will see what things to do in Muscat. The amazing and attractive city of Oman.

Things to do in Muscat

There are many things to do in Oman. Here is a list and brief description of all these things.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

things to do in Muscat

The sultan Qaboos grand mosque is situated in western Muscat, with the title of the largest mosque in Muscat. It is the only mosque in Oman that is open to non-Muslims as well. It has a courtyard, minarets, and a prayer hall. The architecture style is Arab and you can find information about the history and culture of Oman. It has an almost capacity of 25000. Visitors are required to dress modestly and cover their selves. Click here for more places

Royal Opera House

things to do in muscat

The opera house is one of the cultural sites to visit in Muscat. It was opened in 2011. Visitors come to enjoy concerts, shows, and meals. The design of the architecture is an amalgamation of Arab and Italian styles. It is located in the district Shati al Qurm at Sultan Qaboos mosque. The opening hours are 8:00 to 6:00 PM.

Wadi Bani Khalid

things to do in muscat

The Wadi Bani Khalid is one of the most visited places in Muscat. It is 120 Km from Sur and 126 mi from Muscat. The length of the valley is 156 Km. It has two sections, northern and southern. There are streamed mountains and narrow pools in the northern section where you can swim. The Wadi is surrounded by palm trees and greenery which is rare in deserts. The temperature here is moderate, so you do not have to face harsh weather. The southern section contains rocky terrain which is good for hiking.

Wahiba sands

things to do in Muscat

The Wahiba sands stretched over 200 Km from the eastern mountains of Hajr. It was named after a tribe called Banu Wahiba. Spending one night on this sand in camps is worth it. You can enjoy beautiful sunset and sunrise, which is the most mesmerizing thing to witness. It is in height and has amber-colored dunes.

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Al Alam’s Palace

Al Alam palace was built by the seventh grandfather of Sultan Qaboos, Imam Sultan Bin Ahmed 200 years ago. It was rebuilt in 1972 and as a residence for the royals. It belongs to the ruling monarch of Oman. Now this palace is used as a ceremonial place for the kings. The building is adorned with marble.It has also a place for guests with a pool, spa, and garden. Visitors are allowed to take photographs from the gate but the entrance is not allowed for them.

Bait ul Zubair Museum

The Bait Al Zubair Museum is an old Museum located on Al Saidiya street Muscat.  The museum has a collection of antique objects such as weapons and attires. It is usually open on Saturday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. You may book your tickets online or on the spot. The Omani culture is depicted amazingly showing coins, handicrafts, and old stamps. There is also a cafe inside it which offers food for the visitors.

Mutrah Souk

things to do in Musca

The Mutrah Souk is a market that is an old traditional Arab market. There are local artic rafts and jewelry shops where visitors can buy things they want. You can also buy stuff from other countries such as India. Like any other market, it offers a variety of shops. You can buy and enjoy the food here. Visitors usually come to see the architecture of this market which represents the ancient model of markets.

Al Mirani Fort

 The Al Mirani fort is located in the harbor of the old city of Muscat. It was built before the Portuguese invasion. This fort has historical importance and background. It is said that the Portuguese commander fell for the daughter of the Sultan and wanted to marry her but Sultan denied it due to religious differences. Later on, the commander was defeated and ousted from Muscat city. There are many ancient tools for display. You can visit this historical place and make your trip memorable.

Qurum Beach

things to do in Musca

The Qurum beach is the most popular in Oman with dunes on its lining. There are paths for walking and jogging. People visit this place with their families. You can enjoy boating, swimming and other games like volleyball, surfing, etc. There are hotels and cafes near the beach where you can enjoy a meal.

Old Muscat

things to do in Musca

The old Muscat is the original capital of Oman located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman. It is represented as a small old town between the mountains. This place shows the architecture of Oman. It is a restored city and most of the buildings here are white. You can visit this place and enjoy your day. There are markets and hotels in this old city to stay in as well. So what are you waiting for?

Concluding what things to do in Muscat

Muscat is located in the Gulf of Oman and capital of Oman. There are different places to visit in this amazing city. You can spend your time at the beach or discover the culture of Oman by visiting the palace and museum. The shopping centers and markets offer you a lot to buy. Once you entered the city you will be attracted to its beauty. We have talked about the most visited places in Muscat. There are a lot of things to do in Muscat if you are a traveler. So, pack your bags and bring them on.

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