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Things To Do In Toli Peer – Lush Green Meadows

People usually love to spend their time in nature and when it comes to the natural landscape Azad Jammu and Kashmir is at the top of the list. There are many places in AJK but in this blog, we will discuss Toli Peer. Toli Peer is a hilltop area in the Tehsil Rawlakot district of Poonch and is named after a saint whose shrine is on the top of the hills. It is about 45 minute’s drive from Rawlakot. But sometimes, it may take more time because the road is a bit narrow. There are many things to do in Toli Peer. We will take a view of all the places you can visit during your trip.

List of things to do in Toli Peer

The Toli Peer is about 88000 feet above sea level. Let’s find out the places you can explore in this mountainous area.

Ganga Choti

things to do in toli peer

The Ganga Choti is located in the Pir Panjal range of mountains at a height of 9989 feet. The Ganga Choti was named by the Hindus living here before the partition. If you want to go to the peak you have to do hiking because there is no road but once you reach there, will have no regret. You can easily go to this place during the summer season as there is less number of tourists.

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Banjosa Lake

things to do in toli peer

Banjosa Lake is located in the same valley. It is surrounded by lush green grass and trees. The water of the lake is fresh and crystal clear. This place is a treat to the eyes. There is several hotels for stay.

National Park of Toli Peer

things to do in toli peer
The Azad Jammu and Kashmir administration has declared the Toli Peer and the area around it as National Park. Many other places such as Haji Peer pass, and Sharu Dhara begins here. The park is filled with greenery and natural beauty. There is eternal peace that people can experience. You can explore the whole valley while visiting this amazing place. There are special routes to reach this place.

Best time to visit

If you want to see the great green meadows of Toli Peer then you should visit this place from June to August. During winter you can experience snowfall. It depends on you whether to see greenery or snow.

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Lush green meadows

things to do in toli peer

The lush green meadows of Toli Peer during the summer are unparalleled. The fresh atmosphere here is like food to the soul.

In this blog, we discover what things to do in Toli Peer. Hope you like it and will visit this amazing tourist destination.

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