Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The Zernez is a village and municipality in the Engiadina region in the Swiss canton of Granbundun. The village occupies about 344 square Km and has an elevation of 1474m. The Zernez is considered as starting point for the adventure and the discovery of Engadiana. The roads of Zernez also connect the Endiagana and Italy. The Zernez is also a center of attraction for tourists. In this article, we will discuss the things to do in Zernez Switzerland.

List Of Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The Zernez is an amazing place to visit due to its natural landscape. Let’s discuss the things and activities you can do while visiting Zernez.

National park center

Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The national park center provides you with all the information related to the national park of Switzerland. You will find a wide range of information from the staff about what to do in the Swiss national park and about locations. There is a screen that provides you the information about parks and hiking areas. There is also a shop from where you can purchase maps and hiking items.

Family pool Zernez

Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The family pool in Zernez is the most suitable and adventurous place to visit in summer. The services of this pool are amazing. The staff warmly welcomes you and the hygienic conditions of the pool are the best. There are pools of various depths for kids to athletes. So, you can enjoy swimming in your favorite pool. There are underwater massage loungers, a jacuzzi, and waterfall showers. This is the best place to visit in the summer.

Also, visit more beautiful places in Switzerland.

Muzeum Susch

Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The Muzeum Susch is a modern art house in a restored monastery. The monastery was usually a pathway to Rome and Santiago de Compostela. This museum usually promotes the work of female artists. The museum is 1438 m above sea level. The building was opened in 2019. The museum consists of four buildings. These are a brewery, an old brewery, a house of health, and an artist’s house.

Kirche San Güerga

Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The Kirche San Guerg church was built in 1480. Later on, the walls were painted and new pictures were added. There is a cycle of paintings in which they were covered and discovered. You can visit this place for religious activities and also to learn about its history. It will be an amazing experience.

Turm la Praschun

Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The Turm la Praschun is a tower made in the 12th century. It is a hilltop castle which is located in Sosh. It has a square floor plan and wall with a length of  7.5 meters. The thickness of the wall is 1.3 meters. The structure of the tower shows that once it was habitable. The prison cells were made on the ground floor of the tower in the Medieval era. The tower is now owned by a municipality.  This is a great place to visit for admirers of history.

Flüela Pass

Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The Fluela Pass is a mountain pass located in the Alps of  Grunbunden. You can reach this pass through a paved road. The road is not open all year due to the tunnel built in 1999. The road is usually impassable from December to May. You can enjoy a long drive here and enjoy the alluring views of the mountains. You must visit this place for experiencing amazing views.

Summary Of Things To Do In Zernez Switzerland

The Zernez is located in Switzerland and is one of the most visited sites. It includes natural sites, parks, historical museums, and towers. There is much to do in this place. The mesmerizing beauty of Zernez will definitely amaze you. The tower, churches, and museum tell about the history of the village. The natural landscape will bless your soul with peace. So, what are you waiting for?

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