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Travel guide to Yasin valley

Traveling is one of the best recreational activities, and also it helps to improve your health. While you are thinking of traveling, let me suggest you visit the paradise in the world (Yasin valley). This alluring valley is one of the miracles of God. It is located the East of Ishkoman with an altitude of 2750 meters. It is after the Chitral, and at the start of this valley, police check the tourists for safety. After the check post, the village Chali harang comes. In this blog we will talk about a travel guide to Yaseen valley.

Best time to visit Yasin valley

The time between July to August is best to visit Yasin valley. Because in this season the weather condition is temperate. In August, there are fruits and greenery everywhere, which is very good to see. Most tourists visit this place during this time, and there are many people. To avoid this, you can also visit this place in April. The weather will be cold during April, but there is no rush.

Travel guide to Yasin valley

Conveyance and guidance

You can visit Yasin valley in your private conveyance, but it will be safe to travel with a travel guide. You should book a jeep to visit this place. If you are used to visiting this place, and it’s not your first time, then you do not need any guide. Weather conditions should also be kept in mind before visiting this place. If you are stuck in a storm, it may take time to reach for help because it’s a mountainous area where it usually takes time.

Hotels and restaurants

Hotels and restaurants in Yasin valley

There are many resorts and hotels in the Yasin valley. Gilgit is considered a tourism hub in Pakistan, and the most beautiful hotels are in this region. The details of hotels and resorts near Yasin valley are given below:

Ghizer Blossom In

This hotel is almost 18 kilometers away from the Yasin valley. It is located in Gupis.

River breeze guest house

This hotel is 71 kilometers away from the Yasin valley. It may cost you almost 5-4 thousand PKR.

Green palace hotel

The green palace hotel is about 28 miles from the Yasin valley. You can book rooms online as well.

Turgil green resort

The Turgil green resort is almost 37 miles from the Yasin valley; if you like resorts, it’s the best option.

Mehmaan resort

The Mehmaan resort is 49 miles away from the valley. You can enjoy the beautiful river view if you stay at this resort.

These were a few famous hotels and resorts nearby Yasin valley. You can book rooms at the time of arrival and online as well. All of the mentioned hotels are budget-friendly.

Places to visit in Yasin valley

The Yasin valley has a lot of natural and historical places to visit. You can enjoy your lunch, dinner, or coffee beside a river.

Hiking and walk

To discover the culture of that area, you can walk through the villages. The streets of the villages are paved and beautiful. You can chat with the people of that area and enjoy street food. In the mountains of Gojati and Taus sand, there are hiking tracks. You can also enjoy hiking.


The Darkut is one of the villages of this valley. It takes almost 1 hour from the Taus to reach this place. This area has lakes and greenery. Due to extreme floods, this area is damaged, but you can see alluring views here. The roads are not well paved, so you can visit in jeeps or motorbikes.

Visit Moudori Fort

Moudori Fort

The Moudori fort is located in Dalsandi. This is one of the historical forts of Gilgit Baltistan. You can ask about the history of this fort from a travel guide or villagers. It takes 30 minutes to reach this fort from the Taus. Other areas of Yasin valley are also visible from here. The view from this fort is like a treat to your eyes.

Sangum point Barandass

The Sangam point is the point where Thoi and Darkut rivers meet. There is also a place to enjoy eatables. You can enjoy your meal in this beautiful view. This place is not expensive.

Bojayout viewpoint

The Bojayout viewpoint has endless beauty. You can find water streams, greenery, and mountains. The kings of this area in ancient times used to visit this place frequently.

Tukhemrezi festival house

The Tukhemrezi house is the palace of Raja Shiri Badad. The locals burned the Raja of this palace because of his brutality over innocent people. Now, people celebrate it as a festival at the start of the spring season. There are also remains of the war on the throne of Raja, which was fought in the 1880s against British rule.

Muduri fort

The Muduri fort is where the Dogra army attacked the people and took 16 women to punish the rebellious people of that area. It was built 500 feet of height from the river. You can visit this place to discover its history.

Chumarkhan fort

The Chumarkhan fort is translated as the iron fort. This was built by architecture, keeping security in mind. It is named an iron fort because it is not easy to enter this fort for the invaders.

Yasin fort

The Yasin fort is down from the Muduri fort. It is still under renovation by the government as a heritage site.

Discovering the culture and religion of Yasin valley

The people who live here are mostly Ismailis, followers of Prince Agha Khan. Sunni Muslims are also in that area (mostly in Taus and Sandi). Most of the people here are literate. The literacy rate is almost      100% in the current generation. The people here follow Islam mostly. The women used to wear long Gilgiti dresses, and the men wore Shalwar Kameez. People speak the Gilgiti language.

Mountains in Yasin valley

You can discover the following mountains while traveling to Yasin valley.

  • Darkut
  • Assumber
  • Broghil
  • Attar
  • Nazbar

Time taken from Gilgit

It almost takes 4-5 hours to travel from Gilgit to Yasin valley (a distance of 150 km) if no traffic or land is sliding. The road is underdeveloped, so it may take extra time to reach this area.

Distance from Islamabad

The distance from Islamabad to Yasin valley is almost 650 kilometers which may take 17 hours to reach. But it is impossible to drive for 17 hours constantly, so it may take more time than actual. You can also use Besham road as an alternative which may take 5 hours to reach Yasin valley.

Bottom line

This article talked about the complete travel guide to Yasin valley from a distance, the time taken, and the places to visit. These places are worth visiting; you should go there if you are a nature-loving person. There are also historical places to visit. So get up and pack your bags.

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