Where to stay in Cork

Where to stay in Cork?

Going to Ireland for work or vacation? Discover the south of the country and the best area to sleep in Cork!

Often referred to as ‘the real capital of Ireland‘ by locals, Cork City is the second largest and third most populous city in Ireland, UK. Located on the banks of the River Lee, it exudes a very lively atmosphere, very popular with expatriates.  A stronghold of rebellion and resistance against English colonization, Cork has been known to be very independent since it was invaded by the Vikings. Populated by only 125,622 souls, the city has an interesting and painful past. In addition, its cultural heritage is worth exploring: museums, festivals, and historical monuments. Major assets to visit in broad daylight and go out in the evening in the bars where the beer flows freely.

As often, each area of ​​Cork offers a different atmosphere. Between the tourist, student, popular, or bourgeois districts, here is our presentation of the areas where to sleep in Cork.


Downtown cork

This islet on the Lee is Cork’s bustling commercial lung. The city center is indeed concentrated on an island – Lapp’s island – sandwiched between the banks of the Lee. In the city center, no one will fail to tread the asphalt of Saint-Patrick’s Street, Cork’s busiest shopping street, within particular many shops where you can buy everything you need, various and varied restaurants and international cuisine, and especially bars and pubs galore. The parallel street – Oliver Plunkett Street – is one of the major axes of the district where there are a number of bars and pubs, ideal for tasting Irish beers.

Stop by St Finbar’s Cathedral, an emblematic monument of Cork, but also the Huguenot cemetery, the Berwick fountain, the National Monument, the Courthouse Chambers – the Palace of Justice -, the university – reminiscent of the setting of the Harry Potter film -, the English Market – English Market – or the Town Hall: it is a whole concentrate of counter-culture apart from Ireland, which is revealed in Cork. Not far away, think of Elizabeth Fort, on the south shore. On the other hand, there is little accommodation offered to stay on Lapp’s island.


Shandon cork

To the north of the central island, the Shandon district appears calmer and also more religious: many churches are located there. When you visit or move to a city, you like to know which are the good places to visit. Do not miss the cathedrals of Saint Mary and Saint Ann and the butter museum ( Cork Butter Museum ). There will be few pubs and hotels here, it is a quiet area to stay in Cork but it will appeal to tourists who love religious buildings or are looking for peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.


Kinsale cork

To get away from Cork a little, the small ports on the coast near Cork are a must for a stay in Ireland. Accommodation in Cork, indeed, without going to Cork Bay or the small villages that dot the Irish coast, would be a shame! As an indication, know that Cork Bay – from where the migrants fleeing the famine left for the American New World, and from where ships such as the Titanic left – is the second largest natural port in the world after that of Sidney. For example, go and spend a night in Kinsale: it’s a small, typically Irish port where popular Irish life exudes. Visit Saint Multose Church, Desmond Castle, the marina, and the small colorful streets of the small town center. Not far from Cork, the town of Cobh should not be missed.

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